Multi-colour labels

Packaging sells the product and the labels carry the brand names

We work with you to create appealing packaging. Colour, shape and application are key components in creating promotional packaging. The multi-colour label is one of the most important tools. Our customers include large and small brand name companies in different industries and with varying challenges - our aim is always to create packaging with market appeal.

Colour, performance and quality

Colour replication, material and finish options, systems for scoring, perfing and slitting.... It all has to interact seamlessly to achieve optimal results.

The printing methods and materials we recommend are based on your requirements and goals. Our studio takes care of your master materials or helps create a layout to ensure the best possible print quality. We also provide foil stamping, varnishing, laminating and die-cutting services to create the impression you wish to achieve.

It is essential to have the right material and processing for the label to be able to remain with the product throughout the filling, storage, transportation and display stages and to carry the brand name for the entire life cycle of the packaging. We have years of experience in the business, which means that you are in safe hands and can expect reliable results and superior quality.

Still not convinced... why not give us a try?

Thanks to the opportunities afforded by modern digital printing technology, we can produce prototypes and small sample runs if you would like to test the packaging's market appeal. It is easier and cheaper to produce small sample runs using digital printing. Digital printing can save a lot of time and money at the development stage.